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Minecraft Rules

Endurion Rules


1. Doxing, Harassments, Threats, IP-Leaking, DDosing, Dosing

Subject to an immediate blacklist. These are left up to our administrators’ discretion.


2. Spam, Flooding

Any spam or flooding of the chat is subject to punishment. 


3. Scamming

Scamming for any real currency is subject to punishment. 


4. Advertisement

Advertisement of any kind is subject to punishment. This includes links, IP addresses to other servers, and any other form of advertisement in-game, on Discord, or on the forums.


5. Offensive Language/Racism

While players are allowed to curse, racism, bigotry or any other form of offensive language will not be tolerated.


6. Offensive Island, Faction cell or Minecraft names.

Offensive names are prohibited and subject to punishment. 


7. Cheating, Exploiting, Glitching

Any sort of cheating, exploiting or glitching is strictly prohibited. You are required to submit a report if you know about any exploits. If you don’t, you are subject to punishment, even if you're not the one(s) cheating.


8. Hacked Clients, Game modifications

The following is a brief list of allowed clients and mods. If an item isn’t on the list, it cannot be used on any servers. Possession of any disallowed clients or mods will result in punishment.


Allowed Clients

  • Lunar Client
  • Badlion Client
  • Forge
  • Console Client
  • Cosmic Client
  • PvP Lounge Client

Allowed Mods:

  • Forge
  • ArmorStatus
  • BetterSprint
  • BetterFPS
  • Optifine
  • Any minimap or coordinate mods
  • StatusEffectHUD
  • ChatPing 
  • Crystal Mod (Breadcrumb and patchcrumb mods are allowed, but are not if they provide an unfair pvp advantage)

9. Link Posting (Malicious or Non-Malicious)

This is prohibited on the network. Malicious link-posters will be subject to further punishment.


10. Alt-Abusing

Alternate account rules and numbers are specifically defined in the rules. Abusing these rules will result in punishment. 


11. IRL Trading

IRL Trading is Strictly Prohibited unless facilitated through our store. Any players attempting to bypass normal game progression or store bonuses are subject to a permanent ban.


12. Staff Disrespect

Any form of disrespect directed towards a Staff Member will not be tolerated and will result in a temporary/permanent mute, kick, or ban from the discord server.


13. Any other rules

It is up to our staffs’ discretion what is considered against the rules, and what the punishments may be, although they follow a strict staff and punishment guide.

19 days ago
Discord Rules

§1 General criminal liability:


In all our discord channels the user is accountable for their actions. If you engage in illegal activities, you will receive proper punishments.

We will forward the case to discord and/or local authorities.


§2 Harassment:

Content that could be considered harmful in common sense are forbidden, those could be:


          §2.1 Vocal:

          Painful noises, echos, voice changers, soundboards,

          „Channelhopping“ , indecent messages, provocation, name calling


          §2.2 Non-Vocal:

          Spam, indecent graphical content, provocation, excessive @-Pings,

          name calling.


§3 Discrimination:

Sexist, racist, homophobic, biphobic, transphobic, interphobic and or otherwise discriminatory content is strictly prohibited.


§4 Ordnung: 

The rules of every text channel (found in the description) must be followed.


§5 Identity:


          §6.1 Personal information:

          It is not allowed to share personal information on our network. 

          Only the person can share this information.


                    §6.1.1 Personal Details are:

                    First- / Lastnames, age, phone numbers, address, E-Mail addresses, passwords / pins, 

                    pictures, videos, chats.


                    §6.1.2 Recordings:

                    Recording in our voice channels is only allowed when the channel is a private channel. 

                    The owner of that channel must allow it and restrict the channel in a way no strangers can access it.

                    All parties in that channel must be informed they are being recorded and must agree to it.

                    This does not apply to recordings that are then forwarded to or made by the Endurion Staff for moderation purposes only.


          §6.2 Names:

          Identity theft is a crime and will be punished as described before.

          Impersonating an Enduring Staff Member is strictly prohibited.


§6 Advertisement and real money trading:

It is not allowed to post third party advertisments on our network in any form without offical permission to do so.

Real money trading is also strictly prohibited.


§7 User:

Names, Avatars and Status must comply with our rules or the user will face consequences.


§8 Extremism / Discussions:

Talking about political topics and spreading an ideology are forbidden. Extreme solicitation of a party or point of view is also prohibited.


9§ Hindering the Endurion Staff Team

Hindering the Endurion Staff Team is strictly forbidden.


§10 User Obligations:

Rule violations and bugs in our software must be reported immediately to the staff team.

The principle applies: "Ignorance does not protect against punishment". 

Users are responsible for informing themselves about changes to the rules.


§11 Staff Instructions

The instructions of the responsible staff members must always be followed, provided they comply with the rules.


§12 Reservation:

The staff team reserves the right to penalize any user at its own discretion, even if there is no direct violation of the rules.


          §13.1 Justification for offenses: 

          Every user has the right to justify themselves to the staff team to make their point of view clear. 

          If a user feels like he is being treated unfairly, he can request examination from a higher-ranking staff member at any time.


§13 Evasion of punishment

Bypassing penalties is strictly prohibited.


§14 Agreements:

By entering the server, the user accepts that the "Endurion Network" staff team collects personal data about the activities on the Discord.


19 days ago
Forum Rules

Coming soon.